The Fate of Tyr

Finding The People's Triumph

We start with a compel based on the problem I came up with during prep.

Because you have the aspect, “I will find the queen’s assassin by joining The People’s Triumph,” and “Position in Blacksmith Guild upset by assassination allegation” is an issue, and Zheena Blackfoot has the “opposes Lillianna” aspect, it implies that Zheena would be looking for any excuse to have you dismissed. Therefore, being discovered at the meeting for The People’s Triumph would probably be a big problem for you.

Backstory: Zheena calls Lillianna out in guild meeting for being sympathetic to The People’s Triumph, maybe a member, and implying that Lillianna is the assassin. Lillianna gets the meeting back on track. Later, she moves forward on her plans to meet with The People’s Triumph by traveling to Stonebrook for a few days to drum up a contact. She makes her way into the meeting when it’s interrupted by local law enforcement.

The meeting is taking place in a seedy bar’s basement. The room is crowded and dimly lit. Lillianna makes herself scarce by saying little and wearing a hood. The talk is largely propaganda-type speeches railing against the local government. Local law enforcement comes to break it up, and Lillianna takes one of the leaders with her out the window. The alleyway behind the tavern turns a corner and leads them straight into the arms of the town guards. They run for it, but are caught and taken to jail, where they share a cell.

In the jailhouse, Lillianna attempts to pass herself off as a leader of the movement in Ultiam to get Jerath to spill the beans on who the assassin is. Jerath divulges the information, but not without suspicion, and she will check with her contacts in Ultiam to confirm Lillianna’s identity. The assassin is Detri Alstone, former member of the Tyrwynn family court, and she’s currently hiding in Merrigny.

Lillianna is brought before Burtle Guster, the guard captain, for interrogation. After a heated debate, Lillianna gives up the names of her People’s Triumph’s contacts in Stonebrook for her freedom, with the condition that she never return to the town again.

Lillianna decides to bring this information to Roger and most of her background, looking to make a move to being Lakeville governor, and changes her credo to, “I will become governor of Lakeville by confiding in Roger.”



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