May the Siblings keep her, and may she find her slumber undisturbed.

The Queen is dead, her husband is buried beside her, and they have no heir. Trouble is brewing in the lands surrounding what was once Ultiam.

Aldant speaks of independence, while those in Merrigny scramble to find one fit to wear the crown and the governors of Hurst talk of a ruling council. Then there’s The People’s Triumph to worry about, the ones allegedly responsible for the assassination and the talk of democracy overtaking the land.

Something’s got to give; the lands and their people can’t bear the strain for very much longer.

Ultiam’s Ashes begins as a one-to-one Fate campaign between my spouse and me. Currently in the planning stages, the campaign is already promising to be interesting, full of opportunities to tweak Fate Core. Keep watching this space for updates as we plan and eventually play.

The Fate of Tyr